Court: Usenet Provider is Not Liable for Piracy

After several years, the appeals court has reached a final decision in the case between anti-piracy group BREIN and Usenet provider NSE. The court ruled that the Usenet provider is not liable for the copyright infringements of its users. However, it also requires the service in question to offer a fast and “effective” takedown procedure.… Read More »

Usenet Pirate Hit With €7,500 ‘Fine’ for Sharing 1,500 TV Shows

A prolific Usenet uploader will pay a cash settlement to Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN. The man, who shared over 1,500 TV shows, agreed to pay a €7,500 fine and has stopped his activities effective immediately. Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN has been very active over the past months, targeting uploaders on various sharing sites and services.… Read More »

The Pirate Bay has risen from its digital ashes

The Pirate Bay has risen from its digital ashes once again. TPB is back online today, more than seven weeks after its servers were raided . The notorious torrent site is operating from the familiar .se domain and it appears that data loss is minimal. Early December The Pirate Bay was raided at the Nacka… Read More »

Will Netflix Crackdown Bring More Users to USENET?

Netflix may be one of the most popular services for streaming movies on the planet, but that doesn’t mean everyone on the planet gets the same service. Depending on which country you live in, Netflix provides you with various movies and TV shows. This differs from one country to the next, though, due in large… Read More »

Giganews Not Liable for Pirating Usenet Customers, Court Rules

A federal court in California has ruled that Usenet service provider Giganews is not guilty of copyright infringement, nor can it be held responsible for customers who do pirate content. The case in question was brought by adult magazine publisher Perfect 10 which previously lodged similar complaints against Amazon, Google and RapidShare. Adult magazine publisher… Read More »

Giganews Resorts to DMCA to Quieten FBI Allegations

From tiny seeds, allegations that Usenet provider Giganews is actually an FBI-run operation spread far and wide last week. Now, in an attempt to quieten the wild claims and maintain privacy, Giganews sister company Data Foundry has sent a DMCA notice to the Internet Archive to have a several stored files removed. On the morning… Read More »

This Is How The UK Piracy Warnings Will Work

Last week news broke that UK ISPs are teaming up with copyright holders to notify Internet subscribers caught sharing pirated material. The plan has been widely covered in the media, but unfortunately fact and fiction are often intertwined. So how scary are these piracy warnings really? Let’s find out. In an effort to curb online… Read More »

Netflix vs. Comcast: Is USENET Next?

The term “net neutrality” is making the news a lot right now and it’s getting a bit muddied with all the PR that’s being put out ahead of new changes in the FCC rules. The basic idea of net neutrality is that your ISP has to be neutral in terms of the levels of service… Read More »

Hollywood Wins $2.2m Damages in Piracy Case That Refused to Die

Several years ago the MPA was victorious in legal action against Usenet indexing site Newzbin but collected nothing when the site went bust. After the site was resurrected the MPA kept up the legal pressure, believing funds had been squirreled away in offshore companies. A few moments ago the studios won a $2.2m judgment. The… Read More »